Bike Monkey's Marshals

Race organizers can plan for accidents. It is our goal to prevent them.

Our mission is to provide a quality guide-like service to cyclists participating in organized events. Our involvement provides a safer, and more enjoyable experience for riders of all levels participating in endurance cycling events. Our program is comprised of cyclists whose job it is to help stop accidents before they occur, and to help guide people who might have gotten in over their heads. Beyond the role of ushering participants safely through the course, we bring a smile that represents the face of your organization. Touch-points on-course like this elevate and impress participants like nothing else.

When an accident occurs, we are the eyes and ears of your event. We take control of a scene and keep subjects and others safe until help can arrive. We are in integral part of the event safety team, working closely with SAGs, MOTOs, Emergency Medical Services and communications teams to provide swift and positive resolution of issues that may occur on the course.

Marshals for your events

The program originally started as a service provided on Bike Monkey managed events.  The cycling community recognized and appreciated the extra level of service and safety the program has provided and have invited us to expand our coverage to take in a number of local non-profit events.  Experienced Bike Monkey Marshals are available to work both non-profit and for profit events from as small as 200 riders to as many as 5000 or more at distances between 20 and 120 miles.  If you believe your event would benefit from an extra layer of safety and care for your participants, please contact us at  In addition to providing marshals, we can also advise and consult on design and execution of plans along with recruitment, registration, training for, and supervision during, events.

Becoming a Marshal

Becoming a marshal is not a magical or difficult thing.  We are looking for strong experienced riders who understand the dynamics of riding in large groups, are diplomatic and level headed and appreciate giving back to the cycling community.  We like to utilize local marshals for events, due to their knowledge of the local roads and driver habits.  Many of our events are staged in Sonoma County, and we are expanding to the Tahoe/Truckee/Reno area, Central Valley and Central Coast of California.  To apply to become a marshal, you can go to the registration link and enter your information.  You will be contacted with more information in the near future.  We begin our planning and recruitment for events as early as we can in the year to help people plan their riding.  While we are always looking for new marshals, we may not always be able to get you on board for the next event, but we will certainly put you in the rotation for events in the coming and next year as they are available. To register your interest in becoming a marshal, please click on the registration link. If you have questions, please contact us at